Seeking Adventure
A Fall exploration roundup

We’ve compiled 7 adventurous activities that will take you from some of the best little towns the Midwest has to offer to great sites around the city.
The Bookshelf
Book recommendations from Chicago writers we love

What’s Chicago reading? We’ve tapped the city’s writers and thinkers to share their most beloved books—the well-worn tomes that have inspired, encouraged, and comforted them throughout the years.
Bake and Destroy
Natalie Slater brings punk rock & wrestling to the kitchen

It’s an unlikely equation that brought Chicagoan Natalie Slater from the hazy days of maternity leave to Barnes & Noble bookshelves. That winning combination? Punk rock, pro wrestling, and a love of experimenting in the kitchen.
Sami Grisafe
From the football field to the stage

At 29 years old, California-bred Sami Grisafe is hanging up her football helmet in favor of her ukulele. Just as Grisafe was winding down her sports career, she made time to talk with The Urbaness about life on the gridiron and beyond.
Local Lures
From history to food and nature, 5 city tours with locals in mind

Ready to learn more about the Windy City? We’ve rounded up five indie tours that take you from the bike lane to the barstool and beyond—all for the love of Chicago (and boosting your trivia knowledge, to boot).
The Bookshelf
A women-focused shop inspires more girls in the bike lane

Chicago writer Emily Belden invites us in to browse her bookshelves.
Pay it Forward
5 Chicago non-profits worthy of your free time

we rounded some of Chicago’s worthiest non-profits who all just happen to be on the hunt for volunteers. Fit for any type of woman, these Chicago charities promise to leverage your support to make a difference.
Take a Hike
5 Chicagoland hiking trails to satisfy anature fix

When the lakefront path and city conservatories aren’t enough to quench your thirst for the great outdoors, lace up your hiking boots and make your way to one of these nature trails
Small Wonders
Seven restaurants offering shareable, delectable plates

Chicago benefits from so many terrific restaurants with interesting and innovative menus, it often proves difficult to choose just a few items. Enter small plates. This trend, though not new, continues to boost communal eating as these items are all sharable.
Last Call
Five things to do before Summer's end

Looking ahead to fall? Don’t let summer pass before crossing these quintessential summer outings off your to-do list
BFF Bikes
A women-focused shop inspires more girls in the bike lane

BFF Bikes is more than just another bike shop—it’s poised to become a hub of female cyclist activity, encouraging women of all levels to get more involved in the biking community.
This local jewelry artist handcrafts pieces full of charm & whimsy

“It all started with a bead shop,” local jewelry artist Zurina Ketola told me as we chatted over coffee at Lakeview’s Asado Coffee Co. With a fresh brew in-hand, Zurina shared with us the story that took her by surprise,taking her from office life to the entrepreneurial track.
The Autumn Picnic
Plenty of city dwellers take to the parks for summer picnics. But now the autumn lovers are packing their baskets to soak up the last days of this most brilliant season. The Urbaness rounded up a handful of readers to spend an afternoon in Chicago's Millennium Park, showing you how the perfect fall picnic is done.

Pencil it In: Humanities Fest
Intellectually curious? Then mark your calendars for this fall’s Chicago Humanities Festival. Celebrating its 25th year, the CHF has more than 100 presentations and talks set to crop up across the city from October 25 through November 9. With big names like award-winning food writer Mark Bittman, Bad Feminist author Roxane Gay, Girls creator Lena Dunham, and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Patti Smith, this is a festival you won’t want to miss. Learn more about this year’s Chicago Humanities Fest.

Camping 101
When the weather’s right, nothing says “perfect summer evening” like stepping out of a tent to join pals around a campfire. It’s not every day we have a chance to take in the stars in the night sky, light our path with the single beam of a flashlight, or roast our food over an open fire. With myriad campsites within easy driving distance of the city, summertime in Chicago seems made for weekend getaways. Find our favorite campsites, all just a hop, skip, and a short drive from Chicago.

Fig Lunches
Put down the peanut butter sandwich! We called in FIG Catering to design a five-day lunchtime plan with a focus on simple, seasonal, and repeat ingredients. So make like a gourmet and pick up our week-long lunch plan to start spicing up your mid-day routine.

Artistic License
A Chicago jewelry designer applies an artistic eye to her personal style. Caitlin Peters gives us a peek inside her closet, at the clothes that do double duty to creatively express—and inspire. Read more about Caitlin's style.

WBEZ’S Natalie Moore
We sit down with journalist Natalie Moore to talk about her role with National Public Radio’s WBEZ, Chicago’s bad rap, and the importance of venturing outside your neighborhood.