The Charmed Life
Our tips for living well this weekend

Each week, The Urbaness brings you five fun, intriguing, and oft delicious ways to enjoy Chicago-living throughout your weekend.
Behind the Camera
We sit down with Chicago filmmaker Corrina Crade

Chicagoan Corrina Crade is intent on giving women in film their due. The heart and soul of entertainment company CradeMade, Corrina is out to empower stronger roles for women—all the while creating and producing independent movies that bring females out from the set’s sidelines.
Advanced Style
50 gorgeous shades of gray

Lina Plioplyte’s eye-openingly original documentary Advanced Style showcases seven Manhattan women, aged 60 to 90, whose fantastic style is matched by their marvelous outlooks on life.
Fabulous Lady of Costumes
Molly Kavanaugh's philosophy for silly and subversive Halloween costumes

For Molly Kavanaugh, costumes are not a once-a-year outing: they’re art, expression, entertainment, and a way of life. With Halloween just around the corner we asked Molly to share her rules for creating an original and unforgettable costume.
Second Hand
The best Chicago resources for outfitting little ones on the cheap

Where babies are concerned, there’s no such thing as an investment item. They grow too quickly after all. Our advice? Shop the secondary market and buy used. It is the best way to outfit your baby in style while living green and saving it, too.
The Bookshelf
What inspires the women who inspire us

What’s Chicago reading? We’ve tapped the city’s writers and thinkers to share their most beloved books—the well-worn tomes that have inspired, encouraged, and comforted them throughout the years.
Taste Talks: All-Star BBQ
Chicago’s top chefs fire up the fall grill

The Urbaness was delighted to visit Taste Talks on its inaugural stop in Chicago. This Mario Batali created event played host to dozens of food talks and feasts with some of Chicago's top chefs. We report back.
Sweet Story
The delicious scoop on Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

In town for Mario Batalli’s foodie fest, Taste Talks, Jeni Britton Bauer made time to talk to The Urbaness about viewing her desserts as edible perfume, her love of the Windy City, and how this Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream found its start.
This local jewelry artist handcrafts pieces full of charm & whimsy

“It all started with a bead shop,” local jewelry artist Zurina Ketola says. She took time out for The Urbaness to share the story that took her by surprise, taking her from office life to the entrepreneurial track.
The Urbaness’ Fall Checklist
10 things you must do around Chicago this fall

With the humid days of summer behind us, we’re looking ahead to make the most of one of our city’s most beautiful, albeit shortest, seasons. Wondering how to make the most of the fall season in Chicago?
Happy Hour Havens
Seven spots for after work revelry

Ahhh, Happy Hour. The satisfaction of a completed workday, the taste of a crafted cocktail, and a bite of delicious food unite for a bit of unwinding and lots of fun.
Baby on Board
How to enjoy the Windy City with baby in tow

For anyone in the throes of early motherhood--or for those simply looking to shake up their day-to-day, The Urbaness brings you five ways to get back into the swing of things with baby in tow.
The Comedian
Co-Producer and founder of The Kate’s Comedy and teacher of The Feminine Comique, Kelsie Huff is a pee-your-pants hilarious stand-up and a poignant storyteller who is elevating Chicago’s comedic legacy. With cupcakes. And laughing. Meet Kelsie

Around Town with the Sportsanista
We hit the city streets with Mary Krosnjar, intent on sipping and sampling in style

Wine & Wise Words
“Drink to learn. If that was what school was all about, we probably would’ve been straight ‘A’ students, right?” The Urbaness sidles up to the bar to talk wine and women in business with Vera Wine Bar's Liz Mendez.

Mano Y Metal
In a constantly growing corner of Desiree Castro’s living room, the Mano y Metal studio is a vibrant den of color: glimmering piles of unused or discarded metal, neatly hung tools and ornate displays of earrings and bracelets stamped with unique messages. Lit by the waning sun on a chilly winter afternoon, Desiree tells us how inseparable she and her business truly are. Read more

Cheer Up Guide
Need a ray of sunshine? Leave it to The Urbaness' Cheer Up Guide for Gloomy Weather to lift you out of a foul mood. Even a cursory scroll through our ever-growing collection (a mustachioed rabbit, anyone?) is sure to get you smiling. Battle the gloomy weather blues one rainbow of macaroons at a time.

Good Deed
Do some good: Share your time with non-profit, Girls in the Game, and help encourage strength, confidence, and good health in Chicago’s young women. Girls in the Game empowers youth through fitness, nutrition, health, and self-esteem programs—and they’re always looking for volunteers. Learn more.